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Stop the blame, start the bloom

This is my first blogpost to Sylvia’s Silver Wings (now called “bloom”) – in a nutshell, it’s a blog about my Mary Kay business. I’ll tell you more as I go. But today, the first thing I want to address today is blame…it’s the reason I started this blog. I want to answer and dispel the blame and negativity against Mary Kay Cosmetics and the Mary Kay business opportunity.

I’m sick of it…and sick about it. For those that have ever dared to google anything related to Mary Kay, you are sure to find people who want to witch hunt Mary Kay consultants, call us out as some kind of cult-like, money hungry, deceptive freaks. Nothing could be further from the truth. But many who have “tried” the Mary Kay opportunity and gave up, want to blame someone else…and not just blame, but hang them on a cross. I guess it’s human nature to blame some outside source for our own failures. If we can make something work, we blame someone or something else. Today, I read that one woman is blaming Mary Kay for her poor health. Another blog is dedicated to discouraging anyone and everyone from anything to do with Mary Kay, as if Mary Kay — a business that has created more women making over $100,000 and a million in a year than any other company in the United States — some how victimizes women. This blog claims to be bringing “truth” to light…but it’s nothing more than bitter negativity spouted by those with a victim mentality…people who want to blame their poor money-management skills, lack of vision and absence of determination on  a company rather than themselves.

I’ve been working my business for almost a year. I’m not a director and I haven’t replaced my income quite yet. I have a lot to learn about managing my business finances. However, my business more than pays for itself and gives me pay days when I need them. I love everything I’m learning about myself, running a business and working with people. I love the ideals and principles that Mary Kay taught, from her life-time of experience as a woman of God and a direct-sales guru. Although I will never meet her in person on this earth, she is my mentor. And my business is a vehicle to help me reach my dreams of an income that will out-do what I could ever possibly earn as a teacher or journalist (my former professions). If I don’t reach my goals, that will be my fault, not Mary Kay’s.

And as for my current Mary Kay business, I like to think of it as a budding flower….soon to bloom. It’s sprouting and it’s budding and blooming…and soon to be an explosion of beauty and growth and thriving vibrancy!

I believe the first thing you’ve got to have to succeed in this business is passion for what the business offers. If I quit my business today, I would still be a better person for having done Mary Kay. Do you know why? Because Mary Kay the person taught me to value people, to make others feel important, to be the best that I could be, to believe in myself, to treat others as I want to be treated.

I choose to bloom, not to blame. How about you?


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