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God-confidence vs. Self-confidence

confidence-coaching-picIn her “Pearls of Wisdom” CD, Mary Kay Ash said one of the keys to success is, specifically, a belief in God. She said most people with a legacy of success and greatness were also believers.

How is a belief in God tied to success? Well, I think one of the reasons for success comes from confidence. Not self-confidence, but God-confidence. In my Bible study this morning from author Carol Kent’s “Designed for Influence” series, I explored this idea of God-confidence and how it relates, not only to my business, but my entire life.

Kent says that confidence means reliance, or a feeling of hope on which one relies. She say that self-confidence is the belief that we, in ourselves, have what it takes to flourish in an uncertain world. On the other hand, she says “God-confidence reckons that we, in ourselves, have huge limitations, but that God does not…God-confidence is the belief that we can do anything God gives us to do…belief that gets us up out of our chairs to actually do what we feared to do before.” Huh! Belief that calls us to action, calls us to overcome our fear. That is what we need! But how can we get this belief? We need to think differently! We need to know that God made us perfect, that he is the Good Shepherd (Psalm 23, John 10:11-15) who loves and protects us, he makes the impossible possible, that he wants good things for us and that we can do anything God gives us to do.

As I reflect on this concept in relation to my Mary Kay business, I am relieved! I don’t have to simply believe in myself and my own abilities. It’s enough to know that God has placed this career opportunity in my life for a reason, perhaps to grow personally, relationally, mentally, financially, or all of the above. And if He gave me this business, then I can be confident in Him and what he’s called me to do — and that he will give me the ability to do it. He will give me the time I need, the opportunity I need, the people I need and the confidence I need. All I have to do is give it my best effort — to learn what I need to learn…and to get out of my chair, as Kent said, to do what I feared to do before.

Now let’s get to it.


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