Teachers, the Mary Kay business ball is in your court

Teachers: Do the Mary Kay numbers!

Teachers: Do the Mary Kay numbers!

One reason why many people either choose not to do Mary Kay or stop their Mary Kay business…is that they think they are too busy. My argument is…that you’re too busy NOT to do Mary Kay.

Teachers and other busy people: I know school (or whatever it is) is up and running now for you and I bet it’s consuming you! I remember! Teaching children is so important and so worth it, I know! I would teach for free if I could…but I also need money…and I want flexibility and a matchless lifestyle….and when I get to where I want to financially, I plan to support and sponsor missionary teachers who go to other countries…and meanwhile find teachers here who need to make more money! Is that you?

Have you ever played tennis? I want to serve this one ball to you. Why should you do Mary Kay? What’s your WHY? To pay for that wedding? To supplement your income? To give you a way to stay home and raise children if you wanted? To give you choices for the future? Or, to help you pay for gas to get to your teaching job? (Sad that you would have to wonder if you had enough gas to go and teach.)

I know that was my situation when I was teaching. I was a single mom, a journalism teacher, the newspaper adviser and the photo club adviser. I loved my teaching job and my students…but I was spending more time with my students than my own child and that frustrated me. I had to do a paper route at 4 a.m. in the morning every day before teaching at 7 so that I could have enough money to pay my student loans! That’s just wrong, especially knowing now that I could have been slowly building a Mary Kay business on the side that would give me a pay day here and there. If I started back then, I would have been slowing building a business to put myself into a better financial situation.

Let’s go back to your WHY. How badly do you want it? I heard a story the other night of a man who weighed 100 pounds too much…his health was in jeopardy, but he could never lose the weight no matter how hard he tried. Recently, his daughter needed a kidney transplant or she would die and he was a match…but the doctors wouldn’t do the surgery unless he lost the weight. Guess what?! He quickly lost it! What happened? His WHY got BIG enough, so it was easy! What’s your WHY?

Last night I went to see National Sales Director Lisa Madson again…her last check was $83,000 for the month and she is having a blast, as you can imagine. She told a story about one of the directors under her. Her husband had cystic fibrosis and they knew their time together was short. After seven years of marriage, he died suddenly in a snow mobiling accident…they had no life insurance…but her husband had a large savings and investments. His best friend who was handling the finances asked her why she wasn’t dipping into savings or the investments to pay her bills. She wasn’t able to work her business for a couple of months because she was so devastated. However, her reorder business and her team rallied behind her and carried her through. Her Mary Kay business completely covered everything she needed and beyond. Her financial adviser was shocked. I’m wondering…if something happened to your significant other, would you be set? Would you be able to take a few months off of work?

Your Mary Kay doesn’t have to have success over night, but you’ll be better off if you can find a consistent time to work your business over the next school year, instead of just putting it completely on the back burner. Maybe one class a week, or three classes a month, all on one Saturday a month. Whatever you can do! Pamela Shaw, now a National Sales Director, was an English teacher and the Dance team coach and an adviser for other student organizations. Having taught high school, I know her time was extremely limited. Plus, her fellow teachers would laugh at her for doing Mary Kay. But a year later, she drove up in her pink Cadillac in the bus lane. She was able to have freedom if she chose it…and believe me, she did! Another new director in Pennyslvania who just debuted last night has been working her business as a full time college student for two years. Now, she’s driving a free car and is debuting as a director before her last semester of college. Another new director was bar tending 5 nights a week…so she worked her business Saturdays and Monday nights with guests to meeting and now she’s a director. I met another director who started her business by working just one Saturday a month…she hosted classes at her own home with a goal of doing 20 faces in that one day…and now she’s a director. These people just learned to get on the phone, overcome objections and keep their eyes on the prize. They knew their WHY and they kept seeing the bigger picture. That’s what I do when I’m carrying my bags in my high heels, coming into people’s homes to serve. I think of my WHY!!! See the big picture and do consistent work to get there.

Anyway…here is my challenge to both of you if you should so desire to take it:

Sign up to do Mary Kay if you haven’t already. Pick September times you can work your business. Book 10 classes/parties to fill those time slots. If you don’t know how to book, then learn. Five classes will hold…the other 5 will either reschedule or completely cancel. Book 10 classes from those 5 classes.Use your situation to your advantage, i.e. other teachers and parents you work with, whatever the case may be.

Here is a monthly plan to build your business over the next school year. These are conservative estimates:

30 faces at 5 parties =
$1,000 in sales (minimum with $200 in party sales) =
$400 profit =
10 interviews (2 per prospects class) =
3 new team members =
Red Jacket commission checks  =
$390 a month with 5 active putting $600 in wholesale orders per month and build from there

Not to mention reorders….
10 reorder/skin care customers (at 2 per class, that’s 10 reorder customers a month, that’s 90 new reorder customers in a 9-month school year and at $200 per customer in reorder sales…that’s $18,000 in reorders and that’s $7,200 profit for you+ commission checks if you follow the plan.

Now, I’m simply here ready and waiting — to hit the ball back to you — whenever you need help or encouragement.



One thought on “Teachers, the Mary Kay business ball is in your court

  1. I have really really really really (did I say really?!) enjoyed your videos on YouTube. You have been a huge inspiration — especially the booking video! All that to say – I would love to see more, and I would love to print out the FOCUS folders you mentioned as well. Where could I find those? Thank you for all you do — praying much success for you in 2012!



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