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Fall Update: Customer Appreciation

This is a very special note to all my wonderful current and faithful customers who live far from me — either because I moved, you moved or we met somewhere in the middle.

No matter how far away, I want you to know I’m still in business as your Independent Beauty Consultant!

I sometimes shy away from reaching out to you to see how you are, or see if you need anything…because I don’t want to bother you. That’s how women are, huh?! We don’t like to impose on each other. At the same time, I want to provide you with the excellent customer service you deserve. So, here I am! I want to remind you that I’m very accessible via text message, cell phone, email, My Facebook Fan Page, and my personal website.

I can’t tell you how much your business and, more importantly, your belief in me means to me! Since I moved back to Northern Michigan, from Pennsylvania, more than a year ago, I’ve been working full time at a car dealership. I really enjoy it and it pays the bills as I continue to work to help my son into a man. But I truly depend on my business as your Independent Beauty Consultant for extra income to help fill the gaps, i.e. gas in the car on a short week, groceries when the cupboards are looking bare, emergency money when there’s….well…an emergency. etc. There have been so many times when an unexpected re-order from one of you, my precious and God-given customers, has provided dinner that night for me and my son when we weren’t sure where our next meal was coming from till my next pay day from my regular job. So, for that, I sincerely thank you!

Meanwhile, I still have my dream to do my business full time as an Independent Sales Director. But first, as a consultant, I’m going for the Chevy Cruze. My car is aging and the need for a newer car is quickly approaching. I can earn the use of a brand new Cruze as Grand Achiever car driver, without having to reach directorship. So… I’ve recently made a decision to get my business back on track, hold consistent parties and facials to build my customer base in my new surroundings. I also plan to work to share this business opportunity with other women, not just because I have a goal to move up in my business, but because of how much this business has helped shape me into a stronger person and a more gracious woman. You’ve had a role in that journey for me…so, again, thank you!

Here’s some ideas for you and me to connect soon:

1. Order your regulars! I ship for free and include a gift with purchase with your order of $40 or more

2. Contact me to request samples of new things

3. Request a Skype, Google Hangout or iPhone Face Time with me if you want to do a facial update or just need some application tips

4) Host a Google Hangout Pampering Party. I’ll send facial-in-a-bag supplies to your guests, where-ever they are in the U.S., and we’ll all meet on Google Hangout and do a facial or glamour makeover! Neat, huh!?

5) Update your preferences and profile information on my personal website! You can contact me via my website, too!

You’ll be amazed about all great things happening in my business right now!


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